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Newsletter from the Global Action Network

Sustainable Food from the Oceans and Inland Waters for Food Security and Nutrition

We are happy to send you our Spring 2024 Newsletter, sharing ongoing work and news from the Global Action Network.

To feature your activities, solutions or relevant events supporting the Global Action Network mission in future newsletters, please contact us via foodfromtheocean@hi.no.

Relevant actions

7 towards a common goal V3
The Global Action Network Action Plan includes arranging annual meetings, workshops and events, recognizing interested parties, and establishing connections to promote collaboration and interaction among cross-sectorial actors focusing on the important elements for food security from Healthy Waters to Healthy People.

Bridging the Decades

The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development is presently undergoing a Vision Process to steer its development towards 2030. Several actors now join forces to ensure a stronger focus on food security and nutrition in the Ocean Decade in line with the ambitions of the Global Action Network and the Network Working Group on Bridging the Decades.
Bridging the Decades

Creating an enabling environment for securing sustainable small-scale fisheries

Global Action Network Working Group on Small-Scale Fisheries was represented at the FAO workshop “Creating an enabling environment for securing sustainable small-scale fisheries (SSF)” in November 2023, together with 70 other participants representing mostly fisherfolk and fish workers. The purpose of attending was to hear perspectives from SSF globally, what issues concern them, and how countries work to implement the Voluntary Guidelines on SSF.

Upcoming Event

An Ocean of Food: Science and Solutions for Ocean-Climate-Food Challenges

The Global Action Network will be co-hosting an on-site satellite event at the 2024 UN Ocean Decade Conference on the 11th of April. This event will bring together UN Ocean Decade Actions that are working to address Challenge 3: “Sustainably feed the global population”. The aim is to reach a greater appreciation of the pivotal role that ocean and ocean science play in shaping sustainable food systems, and the knowledge, funding, technology, and implementation gaps currently hindering opportunities to strengthen that role.
UNOD event

News from Network participants

Nutritious aquatic food
Sufficient aquatic food
The Global Action Network will continuously identify challenges, exchange knowledge and solutions related to the key elements of food security. Through the Gain and Share Tool, you can gain and share knowledge to promote sustainable food from the oceans and inland waters for food security and nutrition.

Here we are featuring challenges, solutions, and knowledge in Sustainable aquaculture production.

A turning point for transforming aquatic food systems

The WorldFish Director General outlines the organization's 2024 focus on sustainable, equitable aquatic food systems, advancing from 2023 milestones like the WTO Fisheries Agreement. Emphasis is on a blue economy, partnerships, digital innovation, and climate resilience.

'Sustainable Aquatic Foods' - A new BMZ project

The German Federal Ministry for Development and Economic Cooperation (BMZ) commissioned the new project 'Sustainable Aquatic Foods', which started in January 2024 and will be implemented by the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) as part of the Special Initiative “Transformation of Agricultural and Food Systems” (SI AGER). The project aims to support African partner countries in the sustainable development of their aquaculture and fisheries sector, establishing them as key cornerstones in transforming food systems.

Relevant upcoming events

2024 UN Ocean Decade Conference, 10-12 April 2024, Barcelona, Spain
9th Our Ocean Conference, 15-17 April, Athens, Greece
High-level Event on Ocean Action: Immersed in Change, 7-8 June 2024, San Jose, Costa Rica
SSF Summit 2024, 5-7 July 2024, Rome, Italy
The OCEANS 2024 Conference, 14-18 April 2024, Singapore
World Health Assembly, 27 May - 1 June 2024, Geneva, Switzerland
UNIPOLOS, 18-21 June 2024, New York, USA
COFI 36, 8-12 July 2024, Rome, Italy

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