The United Nations (UN) General Assembly has proclaimed 2016 to 2025 to be the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition (“Nutrition Decade”). A FAO/WHO work programme (2016-2025) is issued for the following up of the Nutrition Decade. Sustainable, resilient food systems for healthy diets is one of six action areas recognized in the work programme. The programme encourage member states to create action networks. The Global Action Network on Sustainable Food from the Oceans and Inland Waters, was the first action network to be established under the Nutrition Decade. The Initiative was launched at the Oceans Conference 6. June 2017.

A meeting was held in Rome 10 October 2017 to get inputs from interested countries in the early phase of the network. The 1st Global Action Network Meeting. “From Healthy Waters to Healthy People” was held 5 July 2018 and the 2nd Global Action Network meeting 18. October 2018. As a result of these meetings the Concept Document, the Mission Statement and the Action Plan is developed.