The key element SAFE AQUATIC FOOD refers to optimising food safety as it is a prerequisite for increased consumption of aquatic food. Actions linked to this key element rely on understanding: the connection between hygienic production and foodborne illness; the connection between environmental pollution; food production and human health; how contaminants and pollutants end up in the food (value) chain; and levels of contaminants. Relevant SDGs related to this element are SDG 2, 3, , 4, 6, 7,, 8, 9, 12, 14, 16, and 17. Relevant recommendations from the Committee on World Food Security are CFS 4A.3, 4B, 4B.4. More links are required, especially for topics where no links are present yet. Please send input to



Challenge: General food safety
Challenge: Hygiene
Challenge: Contaminants
Challenge: Consumers lack of knowledge