This was the third Global Action Network meeting, taking place in Bergen, Norway. The meeting was hosted by the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research (IMR). 19 representatives from ministries, governmental institutions and other stakeholders attended the meeting. Electronic participation was made possible through a videoconference system.

The objectives of the meeting were to look at the key elements of food security and
1) exchange challenges, available resources/science and knowledge gaps regarding the elements
2) exchange and elaborate on possible actions and SMART-commitments
3) identify relationships between actions and/or SMART-commitment’s, the CFS recommendations and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and
4) discuss ways to network towards common goals, including identifying measurable actions.

The Mission Statement and the Concept Document for the Network were shortly presented. These documents are based on the previous discussions and will act as a framework for the Network. The Action Plan of the Network was discussed and amendments were suggested. A “Mission accomplished” document was suggested and agreed upon.  The document will provide updated status about network actions.

A “gain and share” document developed to the meeting functioned as a discussion tool to map challenges, solutions and national actions to the elements of food security. Members of the network provided inputs and examples of challenges, solutions, resources and actions that were discussed and debated at the meeting. The document forms the basis for further development of the Network’s website.

Meeting Documents

Invitation 3rd meeting Global Action Network 6. March

Agenda 3rd meeting Global Action Network 6 March

Practical information Bergen 6 March 2019

How to join the meeting electronically

Greeting from Dr Francesco Branca during the meeting in Bergen, March 2019