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Newsletter from the Global Action Network

Sustainable Food from the Oceans and Inland Waters for Food Security and Nutrition

We are happy to send you our autumn 2022 newsletter, sharing ongoing work and news from the Global Action Network.

To allow us feature your activities, solutions or relevant events supporting the Global Action Network mission in future newsletters, please contact us via foodfromtheocean@hi.no.

Event announcement

We are pleased to announce two exciting events this October

On Tuesday, 11th of October, at 8:30-9:45 AM (GMT+2), we will be delivering a hybrid side event of the 50th meeting of the Committee on World Food Security in Rome, Italy. This side event will showcase solutions to empower women and engage young women in sustainable aquatic food systems.
On the same day at 3:00-5:00 PM (GMT+2), we will host a hybrid Network Meeting to update our progress. We will share information on actions done in 2022 in support of the Network's mission and discuss how we can continue to mobilise strong actions in 2023.
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Relevant actions

7 towards a common goal V3
"The Global Action Network Action Plan includes arranging annual meetings, workshops and events, recognize interested parties and establish connections to promote collaboration and interaction among cross-sectorial actors focusing on the important elements for food security from healthy Waters to Healthy People."

Aquatic-Blue Food Coalition

The Aquatic-Blue Food Coalition made progress in highlighting the importance of aquatic foods at both the 2022 UN Ocean Conference and Committee on Fisheries at FAO. The Coalition has now completed a work plan to guide its activities over the next year.
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News from Our Members

Sufficient aquatic food
"The Global Action Network will continuously identify challenges, exchange knowledge and solutions related to the key elements of food security. Through the Gain and Share Tool, you can gain and share knowledge to promote sustainable food from the oceans and inland waters for food security and nutrition."

Here we are featuring challenges and solutions in Sustainable aquaculture production contributed by our network members.

Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture under climate change

A research group of 'Ecological Farming in Coastal Area' at Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute in People's Republic of China has conducted studies from individual scale to ecosystem scale to describe the interaction between aquaculture organisms and the background environment under the setting of climate change.

Sustainable aquaculture in an Amazonian River

Aquaculture may provide a less environmentally hazardous economic in the Amazon compared to the extensive livestock farming. But 'What does aquaculture require in the Amazon'? Dr. Carlos Eduardo Mounic Silva from IFRO & UFSC and his team is working to find a home for potential aquaculture in an Amazonian River.
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Relevant upcoming events

Global Action Network Meeting
11 Oct 2022, Rome, Italy | Virtual
FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022
17 - 21 Oct 2022, Rome, Italy | Virtual
The 22nd IUNS-ICN
6 - 11 December 2022, Tokyo Japan
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