As part of the work, the Council was asked to contribute to the strategy follow-up by assessing whether the framework conditions in the stakeholders’ steering documents are acceptable, and by making recommendations on partnering principles that could support institutions in their work to develop teacher education kindergartens and schools. The aim of the work was to support the development of partnerships in a way that enables all stakeholders to strengthen their efforts and commitment.   


The work consisted of three components:    

  1. Describe how teacher education kindergartens and teacher education schools are currently organised for the different stakeholders in the sector, including the statutory and regulatory framework and funding allocation letters. 
  2. Assess the need to regulate overall responsibilities, roles and tasks in the partnerships and, where relevant, make regulatory recommendations. The use of other steering documents such as circulars/funding allocation letters can also be considered.    
  3. Propose overarching partnering principles in the form of a guide, handbook or resource website.’ (Appendix 1).  


Partnerships in Teacher Education  – A knowledge base (Sub-report 1)

Summary of the Sub-report 1


Partnerships for Quality in Teacher Education – Recommendations (Final report)

Summary of the Final report