The overall objective of this work is in line with the strategic objective to strengthen quality and relevance in the qualification of students and to develop a joint knowledge base for teacher education programmes. The results should offer answers by providing examples and recommending models for Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis work.

The Council focused on three main areas:

  1. Student qualification through thesis writing and the conditions that influence the qualification process.
  2. How knowledge developed through Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis work can benefit teacher education, the profession and research.
  3. Making available and building structures for a knowledge base with examples of Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis work in teacher education programmes.  

The report is on based Teacher Education 2025 strategy, the Council’s mandate, the knowledge base developed and available to the Council, as well as existing regulations and arrangements pertaining to Bachelor’s and Master’s theses in teacher education.

Bachelor’s and Master’s Thesis Work in Teacher Education – Report and Recommendations