Other related aquatic food events at COP28


Event/Activity Name Date/Time Location
No Paris without the Ocean: Partnerships to Activate Ocean-Climate Solutions at Scale 30 November 11:00-12:00 Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone
A Rights-Based Approach to Ocean Resilience: Community-Led Governance as a Pillar of Climate Action 30 November 12:30-13:30 Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone
Leaders Summit Food Session 1 December 13:30-14:15 Al Waha Theatre, Blue Zone
Driving Ocean-Climate Action at COP28 3 December 8:00-9:00 Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone
Nutrition and Health Day 3 December 10:00 (all day) Blue Zone, Food Systems Pavilion
Voices from the Territories 3 December 12:00-9:00 Entertainment + Culture Pavilion, Blue Zone
Informal Meeting on the Summary Report of the Ocean and Climate Dialogue Convened by the Co-Facilitators 3 December 12:00 MR 3, Zone B1
CGIAR Nutrition and Health Day  3 December All Day Blue Zone, Food Systems Pavilion
Ocean-Climate-Society: The UNFCCC & Ocean Mitigation, Adaptation, Finance and Capacity Building 4 December 15:00-16:30 SE Room 7, Blue Zone
Rights-Based Approach to Ocean Conservation: Experiences, Challenges, and Learnings from Fishing Communities in Colombia, Chile, and Africa 5 December, 9:00-9:45 Colombia Pavilion, Blue Zone
Navigating Climate Resilience: Community Leadership and Nature at Sea   5 December 11:30-12:30 Blue Zone, Nature Positive Pavilion
Water, Food Security and Nutrition in a Climate-Constrained World: Enabling Research, Innovations and Learnings for Resilient Food Systems  5 December 17:00-18:00 Blue Zone, Food and Agriculture Pavilion
Cultivating Resilience: Communities, Fish and Drylands 6 December 16:45-18:15 SE Room 8, Blue Zone, (125 pax)
Avoiding the Perfect Storm: Enabling Aquatic Foods Climate Solutions through Policy, Science, and Finance  6 December 17:00-18:00 Blue Zone, Food and Agriculture Pavilion
Financing Ocean Climate Action and OECMs through Innovative Approaches 8 December 13:15-14:45 Side Event-SE Room 6 (125 pax)
Nourishing the Planet, Sustaining Futures: Reimagining School Meals for Planetary and Child Health 8 December 14:00-15:00 Al-Waha Stage, WCAS Theatre in the Blue Zone
School Meals and Food Systems: Rethinking the Consequences for Climate, Environment, Biodiversity, and Food Sovereignty 8 December 16:15-17:00 Connect Conference Centre, the Green Zone, Expo City
Blue Carbon Coastal Wetlands in Climate Action: Taking Stock of Nature-Based Solutions in Practice 8 December, 18:30-20:00 SE Room 6
Valuing the Treasures of the Twilight Zone: Mesopelagic Species and their Delivery of Biodiversity, Climate, Food and other Services 9 December, 9:00-10:00 Nature Pavilion
CGIAR’s Integrated Desert Farming Innovation Program (IDFIP): COP28 demonstration site on the ICBA research farm 9 December, 10:00-13:00 Green Zone
Nature First: From Land to Ocean, Our Best Ally for Climate Action 9 December 10:00-12:30 Al Hur, Blue Zone
WorldFish’s Exhibition: Reaching Beyond Resilience: Sustainable Aquatic Food Systems for Shared Prosperity 9 December 13:00-17:00 Blue Zone, Food and Agriculture Pavilion
Powering the Ocean Breakthroughs with 100% Sustainable Ocean Management 9 December 14:00-15:30 WCAS Theatre
Making the Most of the Coast: Best Practice on Marine Nature-Based Solutions 9 December 14.15-15.15 UK Pavilion
Let’s Talk About Money – the Why and How of Marine Nature-Based Solutions Financing 9 December 17:00-18:00 Blue Zone, Panda Hub

SE Room 6

From Boat to Throat: Diversifying Seafood Consumption to Address the Biodiversity Crisis 9 December 17:00-18:00 Blue Zone, Food Systems Pavilion
COP Presidency Programme: Sustainable Consumption, Healthy Affordable Food for All, and Reducing Food Waste 10 December 10:30-12:00 Green Zone
Little Fish, Big Impact: Transforming School Meals through Local Aquatic Foods 10 December 11:00-12:00 Blue Zone, Food Systems Pavilion
Marrakech Partnership Implementation Lab: Aquatic Food and Protein Transition 10 December 12:30 – 13:30 Lab 2, Al Jeer
Indigenous Peoples and Frontline Communities Building Bridges between Oceans and Forests for Climate Action 10 December 13:30-14:30 Indigenous Pavilion, Blue Zone
Accelerating Food Systems Transformation 10 December 14:15-15:45 Al Waha Theatre, Blue Zone
Sustainable Aquatic Food Systems: Food Security and Nutrition within Planetary Boundaries 10 December 14:30-15:15 Nordic Pavilion, Blue Zone
Pacific Coastal Food Systems: Bridging the Climate-Food Nexus 10 December 15:00-16:00 Moana Blue Pavillion
Forgotten Foods and Future Harvests—Enabling Food Producers to Thrive in a Climate-Impacted World 10 December 15:30-16:30 Blue Zone, Food Systems Pavilion
Sustainable Food Systems Investment: Accelerating Public-Private Partnerships 10 December 17:45-18:45 UK Pavilion, Blue Zone
Infinity Fish – The Climate Implications of the Future of Fish and Fisheries 11 December 15:30-16:30 Ocean Pavilion, Blue Zone