Update about FAO/INFOODS-uFish


A new collaboration was launched in 2022 with multiple partners including FAO, the University of Lancaster, WorldFish, and the Institute of Marine Research, Norway. This aims to increase accessibility and use of food composition data to better inform public health and nutrition policies and programs based on updated and recent evidence of the important nutrient contributions from a wide range of aquatic foods.

Food composition data is often used for the assessment of population energy and nutrient intakes, providing information for which many public health and nutrition policies and programs are based. FAO/INFOODS Global Food Composition Database for Fish and Shellfish (uFiSh) is a global database available in Excel.

uFish provides nutrient values for selected fish, crustaceans and molluscs in raw, cooked, and processed form, covering data on proximates, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fatty acids. uFish is the most comprehensive, high-quality food composition database available globally, however, uFish underwent its last updates in 2016/2017, and includes primarily major finfish species. As a result, the diversity of aquatic foods that are important in diets and nutrition in many regions of the world, and more recent evidence on nutrient composition of aquatic foods will be updated.

More news and updates on this collaboration will be coming soon!