Gain and Share Document – Participant’s Inputs


All Network participants are invited to provide inputs to update the Network’s Gain and Share Tool. The inputs should fit in the challenges, knowledge, or solutions related to the key elements of food security: sufficiency, safety, nutrition, dietary needs, food preferences, leaving no one behind, and towards common goals.

Please download the Gain and Share document (Microsoft Word) here.

To provide input to this document, please note the following:

  • Enable ‘Track Change’
  • Use the ‘Comment’ function with relevant text selected
  • Provide relevant links if possible, e.g. Comment: please add xxx here (HTTP://xxxx)
    • If the link is currently not yet available, please write ‘LINK?’ in the comment, e.g. Comment: please add xxx here (LINK?)
  • If you do not know which section your suggestion could fit in, go to the end of the document and type your suggestion right under ‘Other relevant inputs:’

Once you have finished with the suggestions, please save the Word file with the original name but replace ‘Your Name’ with your own name in the title, e.g. ‘Global Action Network_Gain and Share Document_Participants inputs_Maria’, and send the file to

We appreciate your kind attention and time helping in identify challenges, exchange knowledge and solutions related to the key elements of food security!