Action Plan

Global Action Network on Sustainable Food from the Oceans and Inland Waters for Food Security and Nutrition

This Action Plan is a living document describing actions, working methods and useful tools. It will be further updated and refined as per the Global Action Network’s membership, and as it grows over time.

General directions for the network

Important actions and activities

      • The Network will arrange one annual meeting, involving cross sectorial expertise, focusing on the important elements for food security along the food chain “From healthy Waters to Healthy People”, in addition to workshops
      • Highlight the network, and the role of aquatic food for food security and nutrition, at relevant international meetings, scientific conferences etc. both domestically and internationally
      • Include the elements for food security (sufficient, safe, nutritious, dietary needs, food preferences and leaving no one behind)
      • Link the SDGs related to aquatic food and food security and nutrition such as SDG1, SDG2, SDG3, SDG4, SDG8 SDG12, SDG14, SDG 17
      • Recognize interested parties who would benefit from the collaboration and interaction through the network towards common goals
      • Establish connections between experts by bringing together people working with sustainable seafood production, food security, and nutrition and health

Working methods, useful tools

      • Arrange an annual Global Action Network Meeting, “From healthy Oceans to Healthy People inviting cross-sectorial expertise
      • Seek to organize network meetings connecting with other meetings to save traveling expenses
      • Encourage growth of the ‘aquatic foods’ global community of practice and seek to connect to other existing networks, where applicable
      • Develop the webpage to share information about the network actions, and for network members to share relevant work, actions and events
      • Develop and find a way to maintain presence and share up-to-date information
      • Make use of electronic working groups and webcast
      • Unite under the common logo of the Global Action Network
      • Organize and support side events that highlight aquatic food for food security and nutrition
      • Promote the goals of the Global Action Network at relevant international scientific and science policy conferences, aiming to ensure the research community is targeting its efforts to address the critical knowledge gaps, and transferring new knowledge accordingly
      • Participate with country leadership
      • Act domestically and internationally

Related upcoming events

This incomplete list consists of relevant upcoming events suggested by network members where we can seek to promote the network ambition.

Annual events with the possibility to host/co-host side events or promote the network