The objective of the report shall be to strengthen efforts to prevent and combat rape and to help ensure that victims receive comprehensive support. The report shall have a gender perspective.

The committee shall comply with the requirements in “the instructions for investigation”utredningsinstruksen”, including identifying the problem and proposing alternative measures in line with the guidelines in this mandate.

The Committee shall:

  1. discuss the causes of rape
  2. discuss the reason(s) why few victims report rape, and suggest measures to ensure that more victims report rape, especially groups that rarely seek help (persons with different types of disabilities, men, adolescents and persons with minority background)
  3. discuss why the number of sexual offence cases have increased
  4. evaluate the police and prosecuting authority’s handling of rape cases, including processing times, number of prosecuted cases, etc.
  5. evaluate prevention efforts against rape of children, adolescents and adults and suggest measures to strengthen prevention efforts. The measures must have a diversity perspective.
  6. Consider measures to prevent young people from committing abuse of other children and adolescents
  7. evaluate the acute and longer-term health and care services for children and adults exposed to rape and propose measures to strengthen the service, including measures to increase competence about violence.
  8. The committee shall assess the need for new knowledge
  9. The committee shall appoint a reference group with members from user groups, organisations and persons with minority and indigenous backgrounds.

The committee shall consider previous and ongoing relevant relevant studies and reports, including;

  1. Norwegian Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress Studies (NKVTS) nationwide survey on violence and assault/rape, which will be completed at the turn of the year 2022/2023
  2. Status review of the action plan against rape (2019-2022) to be carried out in spring 2023.
  3. The ongoing work on a plan against violence and abuse against children and violence in close relationships. The Government intends to present its plan in autumn 2023.
  4. National quality surveys for the field of rape commissioned by the Attorney General
  5. The evaluation of the centres against incest and sexual assault (NOVA report 16/17)
  6. The Penal Code Council’s review of the provisions in the General Civil Penal Code on sexual offences (NOU 2022: 21 Strafferettslig vern av den sexual selvdeterminationretten)
  7. Other relevant research in the field

Economic and administrative consequences

The committee shall consider how measures can be implemented within the current use of resources in the sector, and assess the financial, administrative, and other significant short- and long-term consequences, in accordance with the instructions for investigation.

Time limit and report

The committee shall submit an NOU by mid-March 2024.

The report will summarise the committee’s findings and will contain recommendations on preventive measures and how the handling of rape in the criminal justice system and in the health care sector can be improved. The committee may also propose other relevant measures if deemed appropriate.