In the global trade of commodities, many consumer goods are produced in countries where employee protection is weak. The lack of living wages, excessive working hours, the use of child labour, and the absence of the freedom of association are among key challenges in global supply chains.

The Committee shall examine whether it is possible and advisable to require businesses to disclose information to consumers and organisations about production sites used in manufacturing, responsible business conduct and supply chain management. The Committee shall also assess the consequences of a potential disclosure requirement.

If the committee finds that such legislation is feasible and advisable, the committee shall propose its’ scope and how the duty to disclose information should be enforced.

The government established the Ethics Information Committee based on two petition resolutions where the Parliament requests the government to assess an ethics information obligation.

The Committee started working in August 2018, and will submit its report to the government by December 1, 2019.

See the mandate of the Committee.