From left: Terje Ogden, Rune Hausstätter, Arne Lervåg, Mats Kirkebirkeland, Hanan Abdelrahman, Rahman Akhtar Chaudry, Camilla Trud Nereid, Katrine Vellesen Løken, Mats Monsen, Ingrid Fylling, and Camilla Stoltenberg

The Commission

  • has meetings on a regular basis to discuss central issues as well as the progress of the Commission’s work
  • meets with people that want to offer their opinion
  • meets with organizations that want to contribute with their knowledge
  • meets with people from the educational field
  • invites various people with research experience within the field to share their experiences
  • creates arenas for discussion
  • receives written contributions about matters relevant for the work of the Commission
  • reads existing research regarding gender disparities in school achievement
  • orders research to gather knowledge regarding factors contributing to gender disparities in school achievement and interventions to counter these differences
  • does outreach activity outside of Oslo and we try to visit the sector and research environments throughout the country


5. April 2018
Open conference at Litteraturhuset in Oslo
View video recordings from the event

23., 28. and 30. May 2018
Meeting in Bodø, Trondheim and Bergen
Norwegian page about meeting content

12. October 2018
Launch event of OECD and NIFU reports on gender differences in school achievement
Information, video-recording and reports