Web analytics

Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation (G.S.S.O.) collects data about website visitors. The purpose of using statistics is to improve and further develop our websites to be user-friendly. To analyse the data, we use Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager as analytics tools.

The statistics give us answers to questions such as:

  • How many people visit different pages?
  • How long does the visit last?
  • Which websites do visitors come from?
  • Which browsers do visitors use?

Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager use cookies (small text files that the website saves on the user’s computer), which register the user’s IP address and provide information about the individual user’s online activities. The G.S.S.O. anonymises the user’s IP address before the data is stored and processed by Google. Thus, the IP address cannot be used to identify the individual user. In addition, IP addresses are processed at an aggregate level, that is, all data is merged into a group and not processed individually.

The data collected by Google Analytics is stored on Google’s servers in the United States. The received data is subject to the Google Privacy Policy.


Cookies are small text files that a website can ask your browser to save on your computer. When you visit the same website again, the browser will submit the cookies along with your request for the page content. This enables the website to recognise a user who visited the page on a previous occasion.

It is entirely up to you if you want to save cookies on your computer, and if they are to be sent back to the website. Cookies are automatically deleted after a certain amount of time specified by the website.

You can manage the use of cookies yourself.