Cookies required for video streaming

  • When running a video player, the video stream supplier adds the following cookies: “_visual_swf_referer”, “local_cache_user_id”, “session_referer”, “9890101_u”, “9890101_p” and “uuid”
  • Both persistent and session cookies will be deleted or disabled when you leave the website.
    • ad_session_id: Used by the system to balance traffic. The cookie “dies” shortly after you close the view.
    • uuid: Is a cookie associated with the given view. It creates an anonymous identifier of the visitor. This is used by Analytics to follow the activity level more precisely. Deleted when the view is closed.
    • _visual_swf_referer and session_referer: Two cookies associated with the given view. They store “referral traffic” in Analytics. They save the website address that forwarded referral traffic to the video player on the page.
    • [site-id]_u + [site-id]_p: Persistent cookies for tracking your profile. The first stores a unique tracking code for the viewer. The second stores the properties the user has added to the view.

Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation (G.S.S.O.) has a data processing agreement with TwentyThree.