For us to be able to send you e-mails, you need to register your e-mail address. This data is not shared with other enterprises and is deleted when upon notice that you no longer wish to receive information from us.

The data will also be deleted if we receive a notification that the e-mail address is no longer active.

Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation (G.S.S.O.) uses the third party service Mailgun, which is provided by Mailgun Technlogies Inc. and based in the United States, for sending e-mails with links to news articles, in addition to MailPoet.


Registered data consists of:

  • E-mails which are not received
  • Termination of an e-mail subscription
  • Any complaint submissions concerning junk mail

Norwegian Government Security and Service Organisation (G.S.S.O.) has a data processing agreement with MailGun.


Registered data consists of:

  • Newsletters which are opened and the number of clicks on links