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The Republic of Moldova for the most part continues to use the prison system inherited from the ex-USSR, which is a model that does not take into account the new international practices in this area that determines a perpetuation and even an aggravation of the situation related to restorative justice. The level of recidivism among the persons convicted to imprisonment in Moldova is estimated at 60%, which is generated by degrading detention conditions, a weakly-developed re-socializing mechanism, criminal subculture in prisons, and an inefficient post-detention reintegration process, including lack of work places after release from detention, and this situation is even more complicated in regards to the social consequences when speaking about juvenile criminal justice.

This project aims at reforming the prison system of Moldova by establishing rehabilitation institutions for the juveniles that would take into account the positive European practices in the area and the observance of human rights.

The project objectives are:

a. Ensure minimum detention and infrastructure conditions for the juvenile rehabilitation institution of the Department of Penitentiary Institutions (DPI).
b. Institute and implement juvenile reeducation and reintegration programs within the prison system by strengthening the capacity of the prison staff by providing adequate programs for the juvenile offenders.
c. Adjust the legal framework on juvenile detention, socializing and reintegration.
d. Take over detained juvenile reeducation practices from similar European and Norwegian institutions.
The project vision consists in fully changing the current model of detention of the juveniles in conflict with the law based on the principle of impunity and passive re-socializing to a reeducation system through pro-active methods, based on the principle of participation, intervention and life skills development.

Replacing these methods first of all refers to implementing new formal and information education programs, creating an active, dynamic environment of educational, vocational and re-socializing activities. As a model of transformation of the prison system designed for the juveniles will serve the Norwegian model; the experience from Oslo prison will be piloted and adapted within the new prison for juveniles Goian.

The project will be implemented by the Ministry of Justice, in cooperation with local and international stakeholders.

Project implementation period: March 2012 – December 2014.

The project budget is 1.916.786,23€

NORLAM will facilitate the transfer of good practices from the Norwegian prison system. NORLAM will organize the trainings for the staff that will work in the pilot prison and selected probation officers by Norwegian practitioners and/or professors from the Correctional Service of Norway Staff Academy (KRUS). The total cost of this contribution is estimated to approximately 800.000 MDL (50.000 Euro).

All organizations and institutions interested in supporting and cooperating within the project are encouraged to contact the Goian Prison Governor Liuba Jignea at the phone: 068 67 11 12

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