Project purpose: Probation manages the execution of community sanctions in a qualitative, effective and individualized way.

Implementation of Motivational Interviewing as a counselling tool, a more efficient way of categorization and case management along with learning and implementing cognitive behavioural programs will increase the quality, effectiveness and individualization of probation work.Enhancing the efficiency of probation activity will result in better reintegration of probation convicts into community if the following prerequisites are met: the penal policy is humanized and rational, judges individualize punishments in a correct and uniform manner, and the community is cooperative and tolerant with convicted persons.

In order to achieve the above listed results, the project will focus on two components:

  1. Capacity building of Probation;
  2. Promoting alternatives to imprisonment, humanization of the penal policy and promoting probation;

Results: 95% of the probation counsellors were trained in Motivation Interviewing with support from NORLAM. In every probation office there is a probation counsellor trained in the program for reducing drug-abuse (russamtale). Regional probation centres were equiped by NORLAM.

Period: 2014-2017