Functional assessment and analysis of working processes in Prison No. 7 – Rusca (PDF)
The report was developed by the Norwegian Mission of Rule of Law Advisers to Moldova (NORLAM) within the pilot-project conducted in Prison No. 7- Rusca. This initiative is also to complete the efforts of the Department of Penitentiary Institutions (DPI) undertaken in line with the Strategy for the Development of Penitentiary System for2016-2020, General Objective 1. Increase the efficiency of administration of the penitentiary system. One of the expected results of this objective is to optimize the institutional framework specific to the activity ofthe penitentiary system.

Anthropological study: Domestic violence and women from Rusca prison: past, present and future (PDF)
The research focused on the analysis of life stories told by the convict ed women, where they referred totheir past and present, but also to the manner they perceive their future. We tried to analyse primarily the extent to which the women in detention suffered from violence, their perception of aggressors, the assessment made by the convict ed women of the process of administration of just ice, the consequences of detention on women and the impact on detention of a mother on the child.

Evaluation Report of the specific intervention area 2.5.1. of the Action Plan for the Implementation of the Justice Sector Reform Strategy 2011-2016 (JSRS) (PDF)
The intervention area 2.5.1 refers to the liberalization of criminal proceedings by using sanctions and non-custodial preventive measures for certain categories of persons and certain offenses. This Report was ordered by NORLAM at the request of the EU Technical Assisstance Project nr. 1 – Support to the Coordination of the Justice Sector Reform in Moldova.

Evaluation report of the practical use of standardized templates as motions for pre-trial detention (PDF)
The Evaluation report of the practical use of standardized templates as motions for pre-trial detention is based upon NORLAMS`s fact findings during 2010 to 2012, part of the Joint Project between the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Moldova and NORLAM on pre-trial detention. The standardized forms were drafted and suggested by NORLAM in 2008 and approved and adapted by the General Prosecutor`s Office of the Republic of Moldova, and were implemented in some diferentiated way throughout the country. NORLAM experts have evaluated more than 335 motions, meaning in total 1340 legal check points for applying this measure. This evaluation report, now made public, provides recommendations to improve the practice and the current situation.

Qualitative anthropological study: Taboos and rites of passage existing in Goian prison for juveniles (PDF)
This study is based on the experience of juveniles detained in Goian Prison for juveniles, who serve their sentence in line with the criminal law. The information obtained during the interviews with the juveniles was completed with the information provided by those in contact with these children for the purpose of their resocialization. The obtained data revealed that the rites of passage generate effects at the level of social relations, at the emotional level of each juvenile who got to prison. Institutionalization of juveniles is a process with strong emotional, social and cultural implications which are gradually transformed in a hostile relation between the representatives of the institution and the young men deprived of freedom, which is obvious in the situation when some are supervised and the others supervise, a situation in which communication cannot be but complementary. The environment they are in limits the identity of the young man and makes him take a collective identity, because the institution makes them follow standard procedures of affiliation leading finally to diminishing self-identity.