Short-term solutions for reducing overcrowding in prisons and observance of rights of inmates (PDF)

Note of the NORLAM Advisers to the Working Group on the Humanization of Penal Policy and Strengthening the Mechanism of Compensation of Victims of Inhuman Treatment (PDF)
The Norwegian rule of law advisers salute the initiative of the Moldovan authorities regarding humanization of the national penal policy, which should provide solutions to some of the issues identified both in numerous ECtHR judgments against Moldova and CPT reports. This Note provides both an analysis of the current situation and concept proposals to be discussed and approved in the Working Group created by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova.

NORLAM Comments on the Draft Law on Professional Integrity Testing (PDF)
We refer to our participation at the “Public Debates regarding measures to prevent and fight corruption introduced in the legislative package for implementation of the Justice Sector Reform Strategy and the Plan of Actions”, which was held on December 6th 2012 in Chisinau. Furthermore we refer to the existing draft law on “Professional Integrity testing” which was presented at the conference and formed the basis for the debate. We were informed that any comments to the subjects raised in the named conference were welcome, and that the time limit for such comments is December 15th 2012.We base our comments on our Norwegian background and our understanding of the situation of the challenges facing the Moldovan judiciary today, all in light of the regulations in ECHR – as we understand them.

We would in this document offer some comments to issues that have been discussed in the Ministry of Justice Working Group on Revision of the Criminal Procedure Code.

Communication control – rules of wiretapping, covered audio surveilance, etc (PDF)

When is a criminal case opened? (PDF)
An explanation of Norwegian solutions.

Investigation Management. The best interaction between the prosecution and the investigative body (PDF)
Norlam will hereby share Norwegian experience in the field of interaction between the prosecution and the police investigation body.

Civil Cases and the Prosecution (PDF)
NORLAM Comments regarding some of the issues addressed during the public debates “Reform of the Prosecution of the Republic of Moldova” date 25 march 2011.

NORLAM’s Comments Regarding the Independence of Judges – Appointment of Judges, Tenure, Inviolability, Disciplinary Sanctions etc. (PDF)

NORLAM’s Comments to the Draft Legislation on the Public Prosecutor’s Service in Moldova – 2007 (PDF)
The Norwegian Mission of Rule of Law Advisers to Moldova (Norlam) would, as requested in the conference 15 November 2007, like to present some comments on the draft laws on the prosecution.

NORLAM takes part in the legal profession reform process

Invited by the Moldovan Ministry of Justice, NORLAM participated in drafting amendments to the Law on the Legal Profession within a working group.The draft Law provides for a change in the legal profession concept by creating a new structure of five regional Bars, by establishing new requirements for access into the legal profession, and representation in Court. The statute of the internees was redefined; also, the disciplinary sanctions mechanisms and continuous training norms were changed.