Norway has a long tradition of participating in international rule of law cooperation, providing rule of law advisers through the United Nations, the European Union, OSCE and directly on a bilateral basis.

Norwegian experts and professionals has worked in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Afghanistan, and in the Republic of Moldova.

The Norwegian Mission of Rule of Law Advisers to Moldova (NORLAM) acted on the basis of the bilateral Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Government of the Republic of Moldova and the Government of the Kingdom of Norway on 3 May 2007.

The main goal of NORLAM was to assist in competence building within the justice domain and the legal profession, with the aim of increasing the efficiency of the institutions guaranteeing human rights and the rule of law in the Republic of Moldova in line with Moldova’s European objectives and commitments. In our work we also aimed to promote and deepen bilateral cooperation between Norway and Moldova.

The NORLAM team included highly qualified legal professionals from Norway representing the entire “chain of justice” (prosecutors, judges, defence attorneys, probation officers and prison governors) committed to collaborate with their Moldovan colleagues through an open dialogue method to achieve the best efficiency.