Norway’s Sectoral Programme for Gender Equality

solveig_horne_ny Solveig Horne

The Norwegian Ministry for Children and Equality is responsible for children’s welfare services, family affairs, childhood development, anti-discrimination, equality and consumer affairs.

Norway’s Sectoral Programme for Gender Equality

In 2017, Norway holds the presidency of the Nordic co-operation and of the Nordic Council of Ministers for Equality. This is a true privilege. For over 40 years, we have worked together to meet challenges and create new policies concerning gender equality. Within this co-operation there is room for a variety of solutions. We work together to achieve our goals. Equality between women and men is a particular characteristic of all the Nordic countries. It is an important prerequisite both for a good life to every individual, and to ensure sustainable welfare states.

Norway’s presidency builds on the co-operative programme Tilsammans för jämställdhet – ett starkare Norden 2015-2018 (Together for Equality – A Stronger Nordic Region 2015–2018). Norway has four main priorities within gender equality during the 2017 presidency:

  • Work to combat violence
  • Work to combat hate speech
  • Gender equality in the labour market
  • Men and gender equality

For Norway, the Nordic Co-operation goes hand in hand with our work on gender equality at the national level. The Norwegian government’s white papers to the Storting regarding gender equality policy and family policy, lay out clear directions for the work within Norway, but can also be seen within the context of the Nordic Co-operation. We hope our gender equality programme will serve as an important contribution in terms of knowledge, examples and collaboration, which will bring us forward and strengthen both each individual and our community.


The prevention of domestic violence and protecting the victims of violence are among the themes of Norway’s presidency.

Norway will host a Nordic conference on this topic 8 March 2018. One of the projects presented here will be The implementation of the Istanbul Convention in the Nordic countries.

Hate Speech

Hate speech is an attack on individuals and groups.

It has major consequences for its victims and for society.

Knowledge and methods to combat hate speech are the topics of an international conference to be held in June.

In addition, information aimed at children and young people will be developed.

Gender Equality in the Labour Market

Participation in the labour market and the opportunity to provide for oneself is a necessity for gender equality.

Gender equality in the labour market is a particular focus during Norway’s presidency.

Norway will hold a major Nordic conference on gender equality in the labour market:

The Future of Employment  – Nordic  Conference on Gender Equality in the Labour Market, which will take place in Oslo on 7 and 8 February 2017.

Men and Gender Equality

The participation and involvement of men and boys in work on gender equality is crucial.

The Ministers of Equality in the Nordic countries prioritise three areas: men and health, men and education, and masculinity and the role of men.